Saturday, September 3, 2011

Off to a Great Start!!

The school year is off to a great start! All four kids are settling into their classes and doing well. We are so thankful for all the answered prayers we have seen. God has confirmed our decision to bring the kids into Marshalltown for school over and over again. Bella has a wonderful group of teachers, three of whom we know are believers. She is finding her way around the middle school and is really enjoying choir and band. We figured out that her choir teacher took voice lessons from me when she was Bella's age, which makes me feel quite old.

Luke is settling in at Lenihan. He has 3 good friends from church in his am classroom which makes him feel much more comfortable in a new setting. Yesterday they fit him with a new fm system which amplifies his teachers directly into his CI so he doesn't miss any instruction, and we were excited to see his am teacher at church on Sunday.

Seth continues to be excited to go to school each morning. His teacher and para are both very caring and excited to see him each day. His classroom teacher is working with other specialists to outfit his classroom with sensory supports that will help him to cope with the stressors of school including a mini tramp, bean bags and a weighted blanket. He's showing off his strong math and writing skills and loves the huge white board that his teacher allows him to draw his various street maps on each day. He's had some rough afternoons when he really doesn't want to do more therapy after school, but he's adjusting.

All of these positives are answered prayer!! It's amazing to see everything fall into place so beautifully. But then I realize what a lack of faith that feeling is. We have consistently lifted this transition to the Lord, so why am I surprised when things go well? God is faithful to listen to our prayers and I constantly have to remind myself that He loves my kids way more than I do. I am trying to learning to praise the Lord in the most difficult of circumstances so I can certainly give Him praise when things go well. Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

"Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh the joys of those who trust in him!" Psalm 34:8